feeling lost?

When all is said and done, we’re all just walking each other home ~ Ram Dass

Mimi Gates in her office


Mimi Gates, MA, LPC, CHT
Licensed Counselor and Certified Hakomi Therapist

While offering an integrative approach to therapy, I believe it is in our Relationship where Alchemy happens. Therapy is not only about our story – it is about the Storyteller. I utilize various techniques and experiences enabling us to explore and understand your individual and relational behaviors, habits and patterns in the Realms of the somatic, emotional, cognitive, energetic, and spiritual.

Ultimately, it is my heartfelt belief that Safety in the therapeutic relationship allows for increased self-awareness, for Transformation, and Ultimately, for our Truest self to emerge, to blossom – allowing you to more easefully and naturally live free (from…. fill in the blank) and empowered. I truly believe it takes Courage for us all to genuinely live from our most authentic place.     How dare We not Shine Brightly!

My Background

I earned a Masters of Psychology and Counseling degree from Prescott College in Prescott AZ, and I am licensed in the state of Colorado. I’ve also completed extensive training and Certification through the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, a comprehensive body-centered / mindfulness-centered psychotherapy method and developmental model.

Most importantly, I am a summa cum laude graduate and survivor from life’s school of hard knocks. I am truly humbled and honored to walk this Sacred Walk with each person, sharing in our stories, and sharing our joys and pains together in the Labyrinth of our Human Journey. It is Wholeheartedly my belief that our unexpected Circuitous paths have Purpose—No matter how we Cope, it is all Worthy Learning.

My Experience

  • Addictions – substances, eating disorders, etc.
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Life Events, challenges and transitions


  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples and Group Counseling
  • Professional Supervision

I do not take insurance, however, you can request a superbill to submit. My fee is $125/hr.

My Interests and Passions

My therapeutic interests and specialties are vast, so don’t hesitate to call and inquire. Professional passions includes individual depth work and facilitating Circles – Cis/Trans Women’s Circles and Altered States of Consciousness, both experiential process circles.
As well, I Love supervising budding and seasoned therapists.

My passions outside of work include beading, hiking, yoga, and horses. However, I Cherish nothing more than being Mama to two young men.
Nurturing flows from home to work easily.

When not at work, I’m often found in the Realm of Equus

All I need to be well
Lives deeply within me.
The healer who comes
Is a midwife
Who helps to birth
my original self.
It is from this place
I am ready to be
where I have never been before
Able now to know,
maybe for the first time
The Unbroken Field

~ Cherie Greenwood (Greenwood, 2004)

Contact Me

email if any questions or please call to schedule

Stay in that love, go deeper and deeper into it,
investigate yourself and love the investigation
and you will not only solve your own problems,
but also the problems of humanity
~ sri nisargadatta maharaj

May we All Shine Brightly, May we All be Free!